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Dr. Josh

Dr. Josh


Ann Searle

What happens when I join the NutriMost program?

Your first visit will consist of a consultation to include a Body Composition Analysis to assess which program is best for you. You will meet Dr. Josh and your NutriMost Coach. Upon making your commitment to the Program, you will complete an Intelligence Scan that will be processed and will produce results for the best supplements to promote your total transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

With the intelligence complete, you will then be given all of your products, including a manual, journal, water bottle, pink salt shaker, and a supplement organizer to begin your journey of weight loss and wellness. A coach will fully explain the program and how to proceed.

You will be maintaining a texting protocol with your Coach each day to insure your success and to make sure we maximize your wellness and weight loss results. You will be coming in for weekly visits as well as texting your Coach. This allows for one-on-one personalized attention during the whole experience.