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I’ve been dieting most of my life. I was successful on those weight loss plans, became comfortable, and returned to my old eating habits. I gained the weight I lost and added additional weight. My health began to deteriorate due to the weight gain and my medication was also increased. I heard about the NutriMost program and decided to give it a try. The simple to follow plan, and excellent support from the coaches help me achieve weight loss and reset my metabolism. I now feel great, full of energy and almost medication free. I’ve also discovered a new and enjoyable way of eating healthy and clean.

I not only reset my metabolism, I reset my life.

M. Hernandez

When I first started NutriMost, I wasn’t sure that I could succeed. I found myself resisting the structure, yet that was exactly what I needed. When I committed to the program completely, it was life-changing! I enjoyed food shopping and preparing nutritious meals that clearly nourished my body and soul. Day by day, I felt better and lighter and in control of my overall health. To date, I have lost 26 pounds. I have truly been transformed from the inside out. Thank you to NutriMost and to Ann, my personal Coach for your support and encouragement.

—Erika S.

I have never had such a success with weight loss and health Improvement as I’ve had with Dr Josh and his team. The daily follow-up and accountability to my designated coach in particular was crucial to my success. They never let me drop the ball. I never felt alone and had non-stop support everyday. In the past I wasn’t able to complete such a program because I didn’t have the accountability and the support that I get from Doctor Josh’s team (ie. Coach Ann). Even now that I am on maintenance they do not kick me to the curb, rather they have a sincere interest in and commitment to my future well-being. I’m happy to say that my family doctor has taken me off of the blood pressure medication. This is not just a weight loss program but a truly holistic health Improvement program . I have been recommending Dr Josh and his team to everyone that I know who has a desire to successfully lose weight, keep it off and thereby improve their health.

—Y. Richards

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